Sounds to bans.

So, I want to make it so when I ban someone on my TTT server. It plays a MP3 or a .Wav. Any Idea on how this is done?


Untested, but should do what you are asking for.

[lua]local meta = FindMetaTable “Player”
local song = “url-to-song”

meta._ban = meta._ban or meta.Ban
meta._kick = meta._kick or meta.Kick

local function playSound ( )
BroadcastLua ( [[sound.PlayURL ( "]] … song … [[, “”, function () end )]] )

function meta:Ban ( minutes, kick )
playSound ( )
self._ban ( minutes, kick )

function meta:Kick ( reason )
playSound ( )
self._kick ( reason )

For you people who are going to complain about the use of SendLua / BroadcastLua instead of net, this is not exploitable in any way possible, and is just a simplified way of doing it since I couldn’t be bothered.

This does get put in at “Ulx/lua/ulx/vgui/bans.lua?”

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Sorry, I’m new to LUA and stuff. I’m unsure where you put this code at. And where I put the URL. I can see it says Player/Url-to-song/and Song.

Do I put the URL in the local song = “(URL Goes HERE)”

And put the URL Here to? local function playSound ( )
BroadcastLua ( [[sound.PlayURL ( “URL HERE”, “”, function ( ) end]] )