Soundscape question.

This is my understanding of the implementation of soundscapes, please tell me if I’m wrong.

I want to create three unique soundscapes: indoor, underground, and outdoors. My understand of how to do this is to separate the distinct sections (i.e. a building) with Hint brushes and then place a soundscape in the building.

This means that for the indoor soundscape, I would block off an entire building with Hint brushes around the windows and doors then place one soundscape in that building.

For the underground, I’d block off every entrance to the underground with a hint brush and place a soundscape down there.

For the outdoors, I’d just arbitrarily place the soundscape somewhere outside and then block everything else (indoors, underground) with hint brushes.

Am I correct or sorely mistaken? If that’s not correct then I’m really having a hard time with these.

Nobody? I really need to know to complete my map.

Try placing soundscapes near entrances with it’s radius covering the entrance.
Or making it in an open area of a building with a radius as big as the building.

How do I determine how big to make the radius to fit the entire building?

View> show helpers then click on the soundscape.

One more question. If I make a soundscape that covers the entire map and then place soundscapes inside of that, will it switch to the smaller soundscape when I walk inside it?

So, basically if I wanted to make a default soundscape, could I make on to cover the entire map and then when I move into a smaller one (i.e. indoors) would it switch to the indoor one?

ehh… I think the way soundscapes work is that if you have line of sight to the entity it activates the soundscape. I think there’s a flag for that too.

You can override the radius and switch to LoS, but you can also have it play within a specific radius.


Alright, here’s my implementation:

I decided to make a soundscape for the underground only. At every entrance to the underground on the underground side, I made an env_soundscape big enough so that it can’t be avoided with the desired sound. On the other side, I made a blank soundscape.

Hopefully this will trip the underground soundscape, and when you walk out you’ll activate the blank one and it’ll disable the underground sound.