Soundscapes & detail sprites

So, I’ve got 2 minor frustrations impeding my map’s completion -
Firstly, I can’t seem to get the game engine to load any of my custom soundscapes, and secondly vbsp stalwartly refuses to recognize any of my material’s detail sprites.

I’m using detail types present in hl2, and compiling with ep2, and oddly enough they get drawn in hammer’s 3d view - they just don’t compile. I tried copying over hl2’s detail.vbsp to the ep2 folder, that doesn’t do much. And yes, I have the detail.vbsp specified in the map properties.

I modified the material to use the detail sprites.

	"$basetexture" "Nature/dirtfloor012a"
	"$surfaceprop" "grass"
	"%detailtype" "redgrass"

	"$bumpmap" "Nature/dirtfloor012a_normal"

The ‘redgrass’ detail type is clearly present in hl2’s detail.vbsp file, so I’m stumped as to why vbsp is telling me that “Material NATURE/DIRTFLOOR012B uses unknown detail object type redgrass!”.
Anyone know what could be going on here?

As for the soundscapes, the relevant file is in the scripts folder and has a soundscapes_manifest.txt pointing to it. I’ve tested it both in hl2ep2 and Garry’s Mod and the file isn’t being loaded. I was able to get this to work prior to steampipe, so I don’t know what I’m missing now. Any tips would be appreciated.

Try UnlitGeneric

I believe that’s only relevant for models being used as detail props. I’m using sprites and vavle’s own assets.

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Okay, so apparently ep2 replaces the default hl2 detail definitions with its own, so I renamed the detail.vbsp from hl2 and pointed hammer to that in the map properties. Now I’ve stopped getting the “unknown detail object type” error, but nothing shows up ingame.

So yeah, still wtfing here

edit: what I can get to show up seems to be using the wrong/truncated sprites

this is just wierd