Soundscapes Not Playing on a Listen Server For Others!

Hopefully someone could assist me with the following dilemma I’m having.

I have packed my soundscapes_“mymapname”.txt into the “mymapname”.bsp map file in order to play any soundscapes I have customized into the map itself. It plays wonderfully on my listen server however when a player joins, they claim they cannot hear it. Finding this odd, I asked them to create their own server. They were able to then hear the soundscapes play perfectly. Is there some other text document I am missing here? It seems that the soundscapes do not play for anyone else except the listen server creator.

To clarify, my soundscapes_“mymapname”.txt file is in the scripts/ directory where it should be. There is no soundscapes_manifest.txt packed into the .bsp nor is my mapname added to the soundscapes_manifest.txt locally in my garry’s mod directory.
Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Issue has been resolved. I was required to pack the soundscapes_manifest.txt file into my map.