Soundscapes not triggering in GMod

So, as the thread title says, I’m having a wee bit of a problem with soundscapes in Garry’s Mod. I’ve tried asking this question in the megathread, but no suggestions have worked. Basically, the problem is when compiling then running the map in EP2, the soundscapes work perfectly. However, when moving the .bsp to Garry’s Mod, I load up the map and find that either most of the soundscapes don’t trigger at all, and some certain soundscapes are playing the wrong ones.

I’m using the default HL2 soundscape entries. Nothing is custom. So, a friend of mine was searching for these specific soundscape scripts and the sounds, and I added these files to the .bsp via pakrat. This is the screenshot below.


After I have saved the .bsp with a different file name, I proceed to launch this map via Garry’s Mod, and still the same problem. Garry’s Mod is either calling some incorrect soundscape entries, or none at all.

We’re completely stumped. Any help or suggestions so we can get this map going?

I am having this problem as well, it’s a really difficult one.

I believe you need to add a folder in your garrysmod folder, name it “scripts”. (Without " " obviously). In that folder, you need a soundscape_manifest.txt that lists the various soundscape files.

Of course, you replace the portal folder with the garrysmod folder.

Note how the soundscape files are listed in the manifest file. Also, sorry for the big image.

I already have this file pakrated into the .bsp as the image in the OP shows.

Edit: Ignore this post. I misread my own image. I mistook the games_sounds_manifest for the soundscapes_manifest. I’ll try creating this file and pakrating right now.


Thanks, Chili Banan! I’m sorry I misread your post a bit, but now the soundscapes work perfectly! I can finally finish my small roleplay map by tomorrow. Once again, thank you.

Glad I could help! :smiley: