I know how to use soundscapes. I’ve used them in all of my released maps. That’s not the problem. The problem is that in Garry’s Mod, it seems that they refuse to play. I’ve used a stock HL2 soundscape, ‘d1_town.Start’. When I play the soundscape in-game using the playsoundscape console command, it works fine. There is no typo, so don’t even suggest that ¬¬.

Suggestions? Sound is a massive part of any map, and I don’t want to be lacking.

Use a trigger to play it?

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. Alternatively, I may be missing the necessary file needed to compile soundscapes, in the same way I was missing my detail.vbsp a couple of days ago. I’m assuming that this will be something like soundscapes.txt, but I don’t know where that’s supposed to be.

I’ll try the trigger for now. If anyone knows where any kind of soundscape file is for Garry’s Mod, please let me know… I think I need to reinstall Garry’s Mod. So much crap on it, it’s just turned into an utter maelstrom of stuff and conflicting addons. NPCs don’t make any sound any more, save for citizens. Fucked much?

Anyway, any more help would be much appreciated.

For example, if your map is called “gm_badaboom” the soundscape text file should be called “soundscapes_gm_badaboom.txt” and be located directly in the “scripts” folder in the mod directory

So, in order to hear custom soundscapes in Garry’s Mod, use Pakrat or something to include the file:


with a location of