Soupmunch Deathmatch

Here’s what I’ve been working on the past few days. I think that gamemodes are getting overly complex. Do this while doing this in these criteria gets too confusing after a while, so I just made a simple deathmatch gamemode with a twist. Each player spawns with 3 pills. Every time you die, you drop one set of pills, which can then be picked up by anyone. If you run out of pills, you can’t respawn, and you must spectate for the rest of the round. Here’s a screenshot of the HUD:

I wanted to make a map with a vertical twist and varying ways to play. It’s pretty large and features a contrast between dark and light, high and low, and close and open areas. The whole thing works pretty well. I also made a custom scoreboard, which I might show off later today. Questions? Constructive criticism?

Features List:

  • Fast paced, arcade style run and gun gameplay
  • Custom HUD and scoreboard
  • Six weapons of varying uses, including four that are randomly selected
  • Dynamic lives system, you start with two pills, which can then be dropped and picked up
  • Round system makes the objective not to kill everyone, but to stay alive
  • High speeds and high jumping to make the player more mobile
  • Runs on the Simple Game Base

To-do List:

  • Remake the scoreboard
  • Teamplay mode
  • More weapons
  • Grenades

Servers: - Official Server (12 slots)
Courtesy of Prefan
Maps run:

This seems like a pretty relaxing gamemode that I could enjoy playing for around an hour a day or something.

I like it.

I added in end game stats, but I need more ideas for them. Right now I have most points, most rounds, most pills collected, and most deaths. I’m also going to add your own personal stats, so you can see how well you did that game.

If anyone’s willing to host this gamemode for testing, we really need a server. Right now my internet’s a little screwy and doesn’t appear to be working properly with srcds or listen servers at all.

  • left handed guns
  • OH GOD THE HUD why is the text so unnecessarily large

I like left handed guns, and the text is large because I like large text. You can also take a quick glance at it.


You now get a nice black and white screen when you’re down to your last pills, ala Left 4 Dead.

Cinematic letterboxes when you die.

Some actual gameplay now. The less pills you have, the higher your maximum health. The more pills you have, the lower your maximum health. Here I have five pills while my autonomous counterpart has only two.

Someone get this man a server.

Also, left handed guns kick ass. I always play my games with left handed guns.

That HUD is way too large, and I hate when e’s or o’s don’t have a circle in the middle of them >:(

You seem to know a lot about gameplay and balance, looks good

Yea the HUD is way too big for my liking.

Instead of the word Health and Ammo, you could use a medical cross and bullets. Put each number in the same oval as its’ symbol, and maybe a better font. and PLEASE use different icons for players. Otherwise, it’s really cool! In the transposing map, you could have it so that after a certain time, close/low areas of the map are inaccessible, forcing players to adapt to the open/high areas, or any other combination. Then after the timer goes off, map areas switch and pair up differently.

Hud looks like shit cause it’s to large. And not everyone goes with left handed.

Well, it’ll obviously have the option between the two. Seriously, how could there not be? I mean come on! rantrantrant…

Did somebody say new HUD? WIP: Ammo and Timer icons are expected to change

What’s with the pixelated icons. they look horrible. and still LEFT HANDED GUNS

I’m trying to keep my budget on other materials and models as low as possible, so I’m using the silk icons provided with GMod. The only materials I’ve added are the cog and time icons (the new timelimit icon is the time icon), because I wanted to stick with a style (instead of having two icons that look entirely out of place.)

I love the HUD actually, it reminds me of some sort of 2.0 look. Simple, elegant, and big/small.

Nice work.

I could actually host a server for you. It won’t be 24/7 Server, but it will open maybe all day in the weekend. (GTM +1)

PM me, when you are interested.

The BETA-Server is up!

Password: None

Have a look inside. Try it out!

Working on fixing a few problems, including changing all weapons to right handed.


New version is out and will be online shortly, here’s the changes:

  • Added help menu back in for new players.
  • Added a changelog to keep old players informed.
  • Players will now always spawn if there are less than 2 players in game.
  • Added forced respawn. You will respawn automatically after 15 seconds.
  • Shortented regular respawn to 5 seconds (was originally 10 seconds).
  • Weapons are now held right handed.

I’m making a map and I don’t have any idea what it’s going to be for. I came across this gamemode and I think I should make my map for it.

Is there any special stuff I need to know in order to make a map for this?