Source 1 asset support

If its possible I would like to see source 1 asset support in s&box to allow the use of said assets in maps and sweps and other things, if this isn’t already possible. I am not an expert on source so thats based on my assumption that it isn’t built in.

If it is built in then ignore my post.

While you can’t drag/drop files directly there is a dedicated source 1/goldsource import feature in sandbox’s version of modeldoc which should make moving things over considerably easier. At least on the model side of things.

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from the latest devblog:


thanks for the pic, this will make modding easier for sure

The concept of swep does no longer apply, not to mention that lua isn’t used anymore.

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You can also import vmfs (source 1 map files) directly into source 2 hammer, but don’t expect it to work well. Some entities may be obsolete or broken, and the textures will not transfer, nor will props. The only thing that remains consistent is map geometry