Source 2 Circlejerk/Speculation Thread

What are you looking forward too in the new version of Hammer and Source 2? I’m specifically excited for the new streamlined content creation. It may make mapping far less tedious.

A branch of Source 2 is already out though, with the new Hammer and stuff (Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha). The only thing I would look forward to is an option to export Source 2 maps as VMF.

The glimpses at DOTA 2’s map editor made me want Half-Life 3 more than anything. Imagine the modding scene, holy shit, it’ll be a new golden age

I think the engine needs support of adding your own shaders at ease. I’m no coder, and I really don’t know crap when it comes to how game engines work, but being able to add your own texture shaders such as parallax occlusion would be nice.

As of right now we have a very limited variety of choices on how we want our textures rendered, I just thought it’d be nice to have it…i don’t know…addon based?

The fact there’s seemingly limitless distance a map can actually go, I’m excited to see how this pans out. If GMod does get a Source 2 version when, if ever, the full version comes out (as it’s in Alpha I can see why Garry has expressed his view of it being pointless, basically) whether as a game or the engine. We could do so much more, GMod would be even better.

I wonder if there are any Source 2 tutorials. I kind of find it a bit confusing.

There’s some good information here:
The section on Basic Construction is particularly useful.

It would be like 2006-07 again. TONS of mod teams that actually produce stuff because they are directly competing with one another again. Now all that’s really left of the old Source modding scene since BMS finished are kids that post overly ambitious projects with an indefinite 'TBA’release date.

Well that, and the Gmod community, the CSGO, TF2, DOTA and SFM workshops of course.

Nothing on the scale of the total conversion mods in a long time though.

Perhaps they may add options for converting old formats, completely or at least partially? It’s only fair to their older devs I think.

That would be amazing and cut production time down, especially if GMod was ever ported; we’d just port .vmf’s over and make the maps bigger, better, the way we WANT them to be. Mountains? FUCK YEAH, MOUNT OLYMPUS!

The “Tile Editor” seems like its going to be a very powerful tool, the possibilities are endless!
Valve is taking a important step in Level Design, ever since we created more and more detailed games it’s been taking more and more time to create artistic content than when enviorment detail expectations were lower.
But do not despair! Valve has been thinking and created just the tools we needed and wanted.
In the “Tile Editor” we can create our own custom tilesets like streets, fences, walls, the list goes on.
This making it so much faster to draw both important gameplay features and enviorment details.

Here’s how it works.

This does seem like a dawn of a new modding age. The biggest hit for HL3 is probably going to be the modding tools not the game itself. Man, thats just what we need!

Tile editor is good for big, open maps (like Skyrim, Far Cry) or isometric maps (like Dota 2, ALien Swarm). It’s like painting terrain (something that most engines has already). But traditional level desing? Building interiors? Maps with lots of (non repeating) details? Not much.

I want source 2 to have open world capabilities, it’s been something I’ve wanted for a long time. Especially because source tends to flow so well and feels so polished.

If it were adapted for other things it could be interesting. Imagine for instance one for city buildings where you just dragged out a cube, and tada, it places corner segments at the corners, window segments on the upper levels, floor segments on the lower, and capped roof sections on the top. All while randomizing curtains/shutters etc on the windows. Maybe the insides of things like offices or apartment buildings etc could become as simple as dragging out boxes for rooms and placing doors, maybe one for building dungeons, or basements, there are probably many other applications.

Something that I noticed that may be interesting, Dota is metric seemingly, the characters in it are “human” height if the units are cm. Seems Valve may finally ditch the horrible scaling of it’s past games and no longer use the antiquated imperial system. Might mean that anything ported over will be completely the wrong scale when moved to whatever Source 2 games are made, of course it might just be Dota 2 that they have done this for since it’s so separate from all their fps games.