Source 2, Does it or will it have visual scripting?

I know this isn’t much on the topic on S&box but seeing as S&box is built with the source 2 engine.

I was curious to know if the Source 2 engine contains a visual scripter like Blueprint(Unreal Engine) and Bolt(Unity). And if It doesn’t will S&box developers attempt to create their own visual scripting system for S&Box.

I feel like a visual scripter would be amazing for a game like S&box and would actual bring more modders to the community because visual scripting makes learning script a lot easier because its so clean.
Me being someone who knows little to nothing about coding would benefit greatly from a vscripter and would allow me to work on my own game modes and understand how things connect easier.


Simple answer: no.


Built in? No. I highly doubt the devs will bother making a visual scripting system.
But creators may make one like they did for gmod.


I know it might seem daunting at first (I’ve been there), but trust me, if you’re decent at visual scripting, you’re good for regular scripting. Game modes I would assume will be rather simple code, and more often than not, visual scripting is actually more convoluted than regular scripting.

Besides, C# is a very accessible language I would say. Learn it, it’ll be worth it.


I hope so, I can learn scripting/coding the traditional way, its no big deal but I’d love to see one so heres hoping! I just can’t wait to get my hands on S&Box and start creating things :smiley:


As far as I know workshop tools of Half-Life Alyx and DOTA2 has visual scripting in Animation Graph, the game logic code not supported.


IMO visual scripting is handy, but as soon as you start needing to do anything complex it becomes too cumbersome and you end up having to write your own modules anyway.
Nice for learning programming concepts and making small things, but otherwise you should just stick to learning how to write code efficiently.


Visual scripting is good for small projects but I don’t think it’s tolerable for future S&Box addons.


Visual scripting would add too much on top of it and would be too complicated to do for big project, I agree with you



Visual scripting is cool, but a proper scripting language is way better, unreal 5 better have a good scripting language else it’ll fall behind pretty fast… so I say s&box doesn’t need any sort of visual scripting because all it will do is produce slow code and messy node arrangements, plus no diff support.

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C# is easy to learn and will be hot-reloaded in s&box so you can save your files and instantly see the changes and make revisions as needed.

With the versitility of C# I wouldn’t be suprised if there is one. It sounds like it might even be something fun to work on! If you dont find anything let me know I would love to work on it!