Source 2 General Question Thread

Some of my questions about source2 that get lost in discord or never answered

Is the general cap of 128 players gonna be removed (or 255 ?) to have unlimited amount of slots?

How is the networking? If we want to have 128 players on a general server; what tick rate can expect to be running?

Does the HTTP streaming/loading from Unreal-S&box exist in Source2-S&Box?

To bounce more off question 3: The PlayerController seems to be predicted in a sense. What other entities are we provided that will have a predicted base? Vehicles? Air Vehicles? … etc


I honestly have no idea how Source 2 really works, only listened to bits and bobs from McDicker, are “infinite” maps possible?

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I’d also like to know if it’s realistic to expect to run 128 players at higher server tick rate than Garry’s Mod - Does source 2 make better use of the hardware you throw at it? Does it scale much better than Garry’s Mod?

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(From facepunch discord)
2020-11-25 22_15_54-#code - Discord

We know garry would like large modes and player slots, so I’m confident we’ll get something pretty good.


probably missed this somewhere obvious, but what language are add-ons going to be in? I hope it’s c#

It’s all in C#

that’s fantastic news. thanks

You can actually see a bunch of code snippets that garry has been working on his profile:

Some include a dev camera he’s made:

And some user input modification:

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:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: Can’t wait to get my hands on that


Is it possible for me have a script for setting this as the default model globally

I’m genuinely curious

Most likely c#