Source 2 Hammer 101 Crash Course tutorial series playlist (regularly updated)

We have launched a series of Youtube tutorials for those who are looking to get into source 2! This first series is a crash course Hammer series. It will cover all range of topics from beginning - advanced tutorials that we hope the community will be able to use to bring their vision into s&box.

So far we have 9 tutorials out there to get you started, and plan to add more regularly!

Let us know any feedback or questions you may have here!


This looks really useful good job!


Thank you! I will check your videos later in the day and will make you some feedbacks (I’m a new learner)


Nice work, I’ll be needing this :slight_smile:

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I’ve been following this and really enjoying it! Highly recommend.


Incredibly helpful and straightforward. Great tutorial.


We have released over 40+ videos so far!

Here is our latest

Source 2 101 - Hammer Crash Course #43 : Concrete Tile Meshes (tutorial)

Our canal is boring - let’s jump right back into spicin’ it up! Tile meshes are back to save the day with a concrete variety as we quickly show more ways to add walls and trim with dimension to your levels!


Doing Our Lord’s (Gaben) work, navigating and guiding us through this wild west of an engine


Like I keep saying, you are an absolute angel. I swear, this is going to become the #1 standard source 2 hammer guide for years to come. Amazing work.


Oh these are great. Thanks!


Thank you all for your kind comments!

Here are a few more, bringing us up to #46!

Source 2 101 - Hammer Crash Course #46 : Destruction Construction (tutorial)

We take full advantage of the clipping tool in this tutorial! Quickly add destruction without going through an N-gon nightmare in this when faces have already been made!

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Thank you, have followed

Everything would be fine, but can I get the Hammer engine for Source 2 for free somewhere with the necessary tools, without buying Alyx?

Steam vr but it is very limited and doesnt have many assets

Keep in mind that s&box will not have alyx content either, so steam vr is actually a viable option. It does however, lack some tools the s&box’s and alyx copy have.