Source 2 Mapping

After years of working with bsp, source 2 hammer feels so luxurious. I can’t wait for the things people will create when given a proper game with a nice toolset and an actual community.
edit: I love hammer 5 :smile:


I just started mapping but it looks way better than hammer 1


i love the lighting in source 2 so much, can’t wait to get my hands on the new hammer

if you just want to play around with the tools, halflife alyx, steamvr and dota 2 should have them

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i tried messing around with the tools in steamvr but it lacks a lot of the textures, models and doesn’t offer first person controls (just noclip controls w/ a console command IIRC) i’ll probably have to either bite the bullet and buy alyx or just be patient for s&box to come out

Wasn’t there a really hacky pancake mod someone was working on a short while after HLA released?
Probably not worth just buying the game for that since it may not even work out, but it seemed fairly functional and let you play the story from beginning to end

Well he’s talking about in terms of using tools which he can easily do buying Alyx without VR. So he’s safe there. Hammer has the pancake mode in so he can still navigate his map and interact with things.

In terms of what you’re talking about, you mean THIS BAD BOY:

“I love hammer 5”
Wait a minute

What’s the issue mister

I was making a joke because hammer 5 doesn’t exist

Well no, hammer 4 is source, hammer 3 and 2 was goldsrc, and 1 was released as worldcraft. Gotta remember valve didn’t originally create hammer, kinda

s2 hammer feels so smooth, although it’s got its hiccups (crashes, somewhat annoying model/materoal importing process but marginally better and quicker than s1) it’s very straightforward to use. There’s not much documentation on the HL: Alyx wiki, and a majority of anything s2 is found in the dota 2 wiki, so rn you’re left figuring out how shit works on your own. But for the most part, easy to figure out the basics to get going.

But I can’t touch s1 ever again after s2. It doesn’t take you a whole week to detail your map, and then another few days of tweaking the lights between compiles, and another week to optimize it properly. You can make a relatively pretty map real quick once you’re used to s2. Also fuck .QC files.

Remember folks, it’s all mesh now. The days of recompiling different sizes of models are gone, scale anything how you want. Every model can be converted to mesh, adjust it, and recompile it as a new prop.

I’m high as shit and I really love s2, just gotta put it out there. :woozy_face:


I think Hammer 3 was used in the early betas of Source engine, like in the 2003 HL2 leak i took a look at it and it seemed like a GoldSrc hammer

The new hammer is great, still has it’s quirks and crashes, but solid tool!

I’ve been working on a main lobby map as a concept and it actually urged me to write some software to convert PNG/JPG’s to 32bit TGA’s as Hammer doesn’t support raw files.

Allows you to drag and drop the files (normal, ao, spec, metal, etc) and converts them near instantly to .tga’s to the same folder that you dragged them from.

I’m actually really curious how the sandbox mapping tool is going to handle textures, I know @garry was talking about having raw files but i don’t think we’ve seen any of this yet?

Hammer doesn’t support raw files.

It supports PNGs just fine, JPGs seemingly need to be converted to either PNG or TGA however - though I don’t see any point in converting PNGs to other formats other than TGA if its required for some special alpha stuff!

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