Source 2006 fix?

Sorry if this has been posted before, but how can I fix my 2006 SDK? It says I have no configurations to run with even though I start my games that I’m mapping with. and I can’t even compile anything because my compiling processes won’t launch. Is it because everything is updated to 2009? I don’t get this.

Press “Reset Game Configurations” in the SDK Launch menu, all your game configs should be located under 2009, because Valve updated pretty much all their games (except for HL:S, HLDS:S and HL2DM) to run on the newest version of Source available.

Hm, why didn’t I notice that before? Well, thanks.

You also didn’t notice this before you made this thread:

Sorry for bump, but I did the refresh thing and CounterStrike and Day Of Defeat have vanished and cannot be found… What?

Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat are not Source games, unless you are talking about the newer Source versions. And I am almost sure Day of Defeat: Source is on the Orange Box engine.

Orange box is still the source engine, but no. Nothing runs on the Orange box engine anymore (2007 engine), CSS, EP2, DOD:S etc have now been updated to use the 2009 engine.

I was actually referring to the old CS/DOD from before HL2, but thanks for letting me know that they were moved up to 2009.

I meant Counter Strike Source and Day Of Defeat Source.

They are not in my Source SDK at all and it’s really inconvenient since I was making a great map :frowning:

again, reset game configurations, run both games at least once from Steam.

Reset game configs for all engine versions. I made that mistake when valve broke hammer.