Source 2010? What?

I’ve been hearing about this engine update called Source 2010. What’s new with it?

Basically it is the Engine that all (minus Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2) Valve Source games are on.

Well it fucked up almost everything :saddowns:

So what does this update to source do?

Mostly adds multi-core rendering, along with some exploit fixes and other improvements.

With Garrysmod it adds the following.

( in laymans terms )

.Better game play quality (fps)
.Added a blacklist to the server menu
.Currently broke over half of the Garrysmod servers

What use would a blacklist be?

Servers with lua viruses.

Third one is average since servers need to update.

Blacklist lets you make it so you dont have to see servers you dont like. Right click on a server and click add to blacklist. Then it never shows up again until you remove it. Nice for fake playercount servers in other source games and just generally bad servers.

I’m not a dumbass.

Also removes directx 7 support. The FPS boost makes up for it, and most custom visuals can be seen again. Also less crashing.

If someone ran any source game on that, they should upgrade their fridge.

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