Source code for modules

Hi. Me and some buddies are setting up a garrys mod server (at
Now, to install custom modules, the host requres the source code of the modules. I have the source code for most of them, but I cant find the rest. Can anyone help me?

I need the source codes for the following modules:

  • gm_sqlite.dll
  • gm_sqlite_linux.dll
  • gm_sqlite_osx.dll
  • gmcl_scriptdump.dll
  • gmsv_mysql.dll
  • gmsv_mysqloo.dll
  • libmysql.dll

I have been searching for them on google, and ploughed through google code without any hit on those.
If you could help me, it would be much appreciated.


you can find a few of them there. but those modules are so common they should have their own copy on file. good luck finding all the source for those.

Libmysq.dll is a internal library for mysql, As far as I am aware there is no source for it.

OK, so I’ve talked to them and libmysql.dll does not require the source code. However, the other ones does. I found source codes for most of the other modules on the google code site you’re linking to neutra, but I still cant find the source for the last ones.

Voila. Did a little advanced google search.

Which one it that the source code for?

Whoops. Wasn’t reading properly. Well I still can’t seem to find some of the last ones. But may I ask why you would need both sqlite ~and~ mysql? Just curious.

I’m not sure, really. I could see with the creator of the gamemode, but until he gets online I will look for the source code of all the modules in case I need them all.

I do agree however, it seems odd that both mysql and sqlite was attached.

Are all inbuilt gmod modules so you do not need to worry about them.

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Is Client side so take that off the list.

So basically, I just need the source for “gmsv_mysql.dll” and “gmsv_mysqloo.dll” then?

As it seems, yes. SQLite would be databses created on the server itself. MySQL and OO versions would be for a multi-server platform. DarkRP uses SQLite to save information, as money doesn’t transfer from darkrp to darkrp. But servers like Sass, Nox, or some roleplays, the money (Or other data) transfers from server to server using a remote database (MySQL, accessed with libmysql.dll and mysqloo.dll)

I know for a fact that the gamemode uses MySQL, so I need those source codes.

I have been doing more searching, but I havent found any source codes. I’ll have a chat with both the creator of the game mode and the server host about it.

Thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, so I didnt need the source code of “gmsv_mysql.dll” and “gmsv_mysqloo.dll” as they already had them.