Source Code - Trailer (2011)

Hey folks, check out my newest trailer after The Book of Eli. What do you think?

That seemed Great!

Looks way better than i expected.

Good. Movie was awesome aswell

Impressive work, lots of great editing. Well done!

I’m pretty sure that everyone thinks as I do

And all I can say is that this this is the best Garry’s mod movie I’ve ever seen and right now Machinima is the worst director cumminuty.

And I know this might sound bad that I just want good ratings but I did actully almost cry.
If I had a Paypal etc. I would donate all my money to you for the development.

Good luck.

It’s fucking perfect man!

yea its like the real ones trailers

Impressive work Keule!

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to your next projects.

Saw that movie when I was down in Texas. Pretty spot on mate!

You’re on Kotaku.

Woah nice. I’m glad you people like the trailer! Thank you.

Have some outtakes:

This is the most epic machinima I’ve seen. I hope you will make the full movie.

The only flaw is, that you are using extremely low-res models and textures. You should team up with somebody who could help you to make “cimnematic” models.

<after watching the outtakes>

Dude, what tools are you using?

(I mean ingame tools, like that DoF etc.)

It’s fucking great, man!

Made me want to watch the movie.

Great skills right there, mate.

I have one question, what did you use to record this film? Source Recorder? Or an external recorder like Fraps?

How did this got 40,000 views? Like 2 days ago?

Oh nvm found it:

this looks great but pointless, make your movie!

fucking retard!

Its the best game movie trailer that ive seen in my whole life.

If it will be released, i will pay even 15$ TO SEE IT!!

Now go and work for movie!

I enjoyed the movie, and I enjoyed the video.
It’s fucking great how you made all this stuff look like exactly the same as it was in the movie