Source Compiler Tool Development

Hey everyone - my name is Jeanette and I’m the Junior TD at Mixamo. We’re working on some tools where you’ll be able to rig, animate and download character models compiled for Source games with a one-click installation process and Gary’s Mod is one of our first targets. We’re hoping to set it up so players can use these as player models and npcs. I’m hoping to find a couple of power users who have done importing of models with animations and understand the requirements for Gary’s Mod player models as far as formatting (.src/.dmx/.vmt/.vtf) and file structure who could help me with the requirements for this project.

If anyone has the time to answer some questions let me know here or send an e-mail to!

I know a Russian guy that has worked extensively with Source compiling / porting.

Is this a paid position?

Here’s a good place to start:

It contains examples, etc.

If you need help with modelling, your best bet is to post your questions @

I’ve used your tool before for a test in UE4, good luck with the source engine.

@Daemon - no this isn’t a paid position. We’re just looking to answer a few questions as we already have engineers working on the tools. I just want to verify some information and it’s hard to find a lot of good documentation.

@RobotBoy - That link is very helpful, thanks! We don’t need any assistance with modeling - we’re specifically looking at a tool that will compile the models that are already made with our character creation tool so it’s more just knowing what files are needed and what structure they need to be in.

@Kila58 - Thanks! We’re really excited about UE4 - got some cool stuff coming in that area. :slight_smile:

Essentially, you have to use studiomdl.exe which should come with each source engine game in their first bin/ folder. ( steamapps/common/GarrysMod/bin/ for GMod ). The problem with GMod is though, that the SDK tools are broken or missing :v:, so you’ll have to use the ones from HL2, TF2 or CS:S. Then you gotta feed studiomdl.exe a .qc file with describes the model basically and .smd (or .dmx for newer versions or Source Engine) files that contain mesh and bone data, SourceSDK in Steam has some model examples for both, .qc and .smd.

I wouldn’t recommend using community GUI compilers, just use the commandline one that is shipped with each game, it’s faster.

Robotboy - so that was a big question we had about this process, since GMod’s compiler was missing. As you suggested we are using the commandline compiler, we have the one that is packaged with Source Filmmaker. Currently we have in place systems to:

  • take an existing model and auto-rig it
  • create a .qc file
  • create .vtf and .vtm
  • compile the model and outp ut the .mdl

We have tested the system with SFM and it works great so we’re moving onto GMod now. If we can use the files compiled with the SFM compiler then I guess the only thing we need to know now is where to put the final files for GMod in particular so we can test it out and then the specific requirements for player characters in GMod which you already linked me (thanks!)

Models compiled for SFM might not be usable in GMod, you’ll have to compile them with TF2 or CS:S studiomdl.exe. The studiomdl.exe for GMod is not yet available, but it will be added into the Dev branch soon enough, and from there into the live version of the game with Next Update.