Source Custom Animations

So, yeah, custom anims for Source.

Does anybody have a way of working with face flexes while making an animation? Or do I have to put the animation in Valve’s Faceposer and work a vcd there?


Also, if you want to, post your custom anims.

You have to use Faceposer for it.

Also make him land in a more natural way, its a bit stiff.

Or do it L4D style by having the anims play half way, and then ragdoll.

Not exactly a custom animation, but an animation that I found lying around in the sourceSDK content files. No clue who put it in the SDK content, but it was kinda cool.

I had to try out a few different models on it to get it show without much deforming. Maybe I should try getting it in-game.

Wow cool! :smiley: whats the file name?

make them masturbate :stuck_out_tongue:
Would be good for porn club map making :smiley:

that was included in some of the css player models once, not sure if they’re still there

Yeah, I know, I’m not good with falling anims yet.

Also that MJ anim looks amazing.

Link. Now.