Source Dedicated Server and addons

Posted this on the SRCDS forums to no avail as it was utterly ignored.

I am also unsure of whether this should go in the Servers or the Help section. I apologise if it is incorrectly placed.

Here is the issue:

I followed the instructions on the Garry’s Mod Wiki to set up a server then installed Nuke Pack 4 in C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\addons as I thought would be logical, in addition to Gcombat and Wiremod via SVN Updater. Wiremod performs flawlessly and is recognised in the log. Unfortunately, Nuke Pack 4 appears in the spawn menu though neither the entities nor the weapons spawn when clicked except for the ‘explosive car’ which does not explode. There is no error message in the console. The tool for Gcombat works but the weapons do not.

Can anyone offer any assistance please?


this is soooo cool

Thank you for the, er, input.

Have you tried the new SVN for Gcombat which is now called Pew Pew?

Here is the link to the wiremod forums with Pew Pew:

And the SVN itself:

Thank you, I shall try that. Does anyone have any suggestions for Nuke Pack 4?