source engine and air vehicles

Why doesn’t the source engine have/allow air vehicles? (without e2 or lua)

Works just fine with fin. If what you mean is vehciles like in the vehicles tab, I don’t reall know

I’m sure it’s programmable. If there aren’t mods around with air vehicles, then I’m surprised.

Because valve never wanted air vehicles in its games.
I’m sure that if you did want air vehicles, you could make a mod for it.

never seen a mod have an air vehicle. I know empires mod tried but they either failed or gave up

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other engines have it (unreal, cry engine, …) I find it would make games more intense along with spawning awesome mods and maps (counter-strike: war zone?)

There’s a helicopter vehicle addon for gmod. The reason there aren’t any is because they never wanted any to be used in HL2 for which the engine was built in the first place. Why would they do extra work on the off chance that someone in future will want to make a flying vehicle?

The WAC helicopters addon for Gmod is pretty good.

The maps are pretty small and i’m sure air vehicles would have problems with the skybox and such. That and most of the maps are indoors or underground.

look on for the neuro planes pack. it has like 40 planes and 10 helicopters all wasd controlled, mad with constom models, and with various weapons. its probably my favorite addon pack ever, and its an SVN.