Source Engine Logo

Fuck the other engines

I <3 Source

wait here is another screenshot

this is Useful?

And a creepy obsession over an anime char is?

Good model work, But the lighting’s very weird.


(And a Spore logo, lol)

I Love this logo

Heavy Weapons Guy: Yes… I love dis new Logo.

I love the logo very much but I’ll agree to Drsalvador, you should fix the lighting.

And phong, don’t forget phong.

Dude what is wrong with you im not obsessed with any anime character

get your facts straight

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Also i want you to prove i’m Obsessed over This anime character

Please Prove it i’m waiting

The name doesn’t count i just put my username as that because it was available

Where DO i begin?

Your posts are always about anime or otherwise absoloute outright flaming, Your avatar and name are from an anime, All your apparent friends are anime fans, And everything you’ve ever made is anime.

Also you posted this little gem on my Visitor Messages:

Needless to say i find your attitude and post manner displeasing to the eye and i reccomend you ammend it. I have no grudge against anime(Infact I love Studio Ghibli’s works, But that’s irrelevant.) Yet you continually annoy me with your unconstructive and worthless posts in this section.

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Let that be the end of it. I apologize for degenerating this thread.

If you have a problem with me just block me

how do i install this

Delete System 32 folder i think

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I love the source engine, yet it’s very picky at times when messing with the SDK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great logo, great engine, not-so-great lighting. Please fix that! :0

You do know i was Joking

Hey stop fighting and lets all admire this logo

You shouldn’t have chamfered the edges, Looks weird

added new photo :slight_smile:

“Source: Pulling people’s hair out since 2004”