Source engine query attack

Hey facepunch,
I currently run a server that is being hit by some kind of source query attack.
When ever i start up my main server the server lags out, i pulled wireshark and noticed tons of traffic, with the text source query attack.

What can i do about this? I looked around for any kind of plugins but couldent manage to find anything

Serversecure3 I think.

I cant find any gm 13 version

You’re better off switching to linux (if you haven’t already) where you can block the attack with iptables.

Thing is it’s hundreds or thousands of spoofed ip’s. So blocking it using ip tables wouldent work.

iptables can block a hell of a lot more than anything on windows can. Spoofed ips shouldn’t be a problem.

well change your port and block just a ip range from 1-20000
If you had http unlock port 80
https : 443
ssh: 22
ftp: 21

Which server do you run?

Sent you a pm