Source engine question

I really want Garry’s mod but don’t want to have to buy a whole other game to play it. If i download the demo of half life 2, will i be able to play Gmod?

Nope. Just get episode 1 or DoD:S plus gmod for $10 each. Seems to be the cheapest combo.

Do you really need a source game for garry’s mod? Doesn’t it automatically include half-life 2’s files?

it does?

it does, not all tho

Some people have gotten it to work with lost coast, so no, you don’t really need to buy one, if you do the nvidia/ati deal.

Quoted from here:

Games aquired using the free nvidia/ati deal do not work.

Quick FAQ:

Q: Can’t you just use a free copy of HL2 / HL2:DM / Lost Coast?
A: No. You have not purchased these therefore you do not have access to the SDK or Source 07 engine

Q: Doesn’t Gmod come with the HL2 Files?
A: No, it mounts them. Any source game comes with HL2 files however

Q: What game should I purchase then to get the source files
A: Get Counter Strike source (or get the package instead )