Source Experimentation

Well over the last 15-30mins I decided to do afew experiments with source to see what it would do with high level of brush detail.

The actually stairs are func_detail and the banisters are func_detail, this might be causes some of the glitches that source compiler creates.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Discuss a way to fix missing parts of brushes. Advice.

Are those 1unit thick brushes connecting each stair level or ropes?

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I’m not talking about the railing ropes either.

Make sure the stairs textures are lightmappedgeneric.

May I ask how you stretched those lights? Or did you not?

Err if you mean the banisters no there 2 units thick, if you mean the actual stairs they are 1unit thick.
The stairs are fine its just the banisters get abit glitchy.

well of cause they are. What did you mean really because they are just normal textures, the lights are coming from under each stair through a light/blue001 texture which give a very nice effect.

the lights created are just material lights light/blue001 and just add a very nice little effect.

I’ll get a close up pic of what the glitches are.

Here are 2 pics of the glitches

Having 1 unit thick brushes isn’t a good idea.

I cant believe that this is source engine.

Why would it not be? As long as it’s on the grid and 1 unit or bigger it doesn’t make any difference.

Can’t you use ropes for that?

Looks kinda nice but its pointless unless you throw these things into propper which even then doesn’t produce the best model. Just learn a 3D program and design your super detailed stuff in that. Source is a game engine, Hammer is a level editor, its not meant for making ‘model like’ brushwork and it never will. :downs:

You know the alienswarm hammer has an export to maya feature so you can turn brushes into models?

You completely missed my point, I’m talking about the ropes/brushes between each level of the stairs.

The last time I used propper it messed up producing an invisable model. can some one direct me to a good tutorial.