Source Film Maker keeps crashing when I try and import l4d2 addons

I’ve tried this multiple times different ways. Whenever I try and import a l4d2 skin or something into SFM it crashes.

For example, I have this Nick skin installed for l4d2 (and it works in game)

When I extract the materials and models folder from the VPK for it, I’ve tried putting it in Usermod, creating its own folder, and renaming it. When I search for the model in SFM, it registers it, but when I click to import it the SFM crashes.

What do I do? I tried this guide but the model still crashed (and I’ve tried this with multiple models)

Just not sure what the problem is.

Same happens for me.

The only workaround I found is to decompile model, remove all unnecessary stuff (LODs, hitboxes, physics, etc.) in QC and recompile model using SFM’s studiomdl.

Why aren’t you just using this?

left 4 dead 2 has big problems with sfm. Somthing to do with the engine I think.

You should take a look at this

I know it doesn’t have much to do with skin replacing, but yeah.

They forgot to change the version info in the file header when they changed the model format for L4D. SFM does not much appreciate this.

I know where to get the Big Boss models, I already have one. There are several MGS themed models that I want to use in SFM.

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I already have those fixes installed. I can get the L4d2 survivor models to work, I just can’t get addons from the workshop to work.