Source Film maker to Gmod?

Hi all, I recently found a model in Source Film maker mode that I really, really want in Gmod, Problem is, when I copied everything over to my folder, and spawned the model, it was a prop, and not a ragdoll.
The one i want is ‘Queen Kerrigan’

If No one wants to do it, could they at least tell me how? I’ve googled trying to figure out how to get it to work, but i’m lost.

It needs a collision model.

As I said before, I’m lost.
Can you/Would you fix it, Or Point me in the correct direction?

Oh hey I ported those. If I recall I rigged them to Valve’s system but since they were for SFM they lack a phys file and more importantly they lack joint constraints. Search for any tutorial on getting a ragdoll into Source(you’ll prolly need a tutorial on compiling/decompiling too), then just skip all the steps until you get to making the phys and adding the constraints to the QC

Wow, The guy who made them posts still. :pwn:
Alrighty, Going to attempt that, Thanks!

…Don’t suppose you’d be able to do it for me? Everytime I think I’ve got it, thing turns into shit.