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Hi. I am in need of services with getting a model from 3DS max to Source Filmmaker. I do know how to do it, but for some reason the bones get all over the place sometimes and especially the facial animations. This is a big problem, especially with my animation purposes, so I do need some help. But, the main reason for why I’m here is for the Steam Community itself. Many (and I mean MANY) people downloaded my Naruto Model from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, and really want more Naruto models. I don’t want to give them bad models, so I really need help with perfecting these models, or at least making them better than what they were. I need someone who can help me with facial bones, as well as transferring it from 3DS max to Source Filmmaker without any issues at all. If you are that person, PLZ help me. I’m not just doing it for myself, but for everyone who wants more of the models.

I hope I’m not sounding really annoying or anything. Please help me. If you can, great. We can chat on steam online then. People seem to want me to do this, despite me being a beginner, so please help if possible. Thanks and have a great day. :smiley:

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By the way, my Steam username is supervideogamer15.

Thanks for naruto models port!Please help this guy with his problem!Thanks in advance!



Up up and away!!

You know, I could understand if it was the actual OP bumping this thread to have attention brought to it, but I fail to understand why you keep bumping it for them. If they were in such dire need of help, you’d think they’d bump their own thread as a result.