Source filmmaker rumored to be released.

…once Valve release the last two 'Meet the’s"
It’d be great to make videos like Valve has done with the Meet the’s and the L4D clips.
No more grueling over SDK crashing, yay.

Source ^

That thread contains people who want it. That does not mean it is “rumored to be released.”

Did you even read the morderators post?

And I was thinking this thread was actually going to show rumours indicating a near release of the Source Filmmaker. Dammnit.

If you’re referring to this, it’s been the unofficial consensus for years. The moderators don’t know any more than you do.

Meh, it’ll come out soon. Unless it can provide the same camera movement ability Catmull does, I probably won’t use it for many things aside from like massive battle shots

it will come out someday.

the same day as episode 3.

Its been rumored to be released for 3 years.

ohhhh man the title actually got me excited for nothing.