Source games benefits

Hey, I’m planning to buy some games and Garry’s Mod is number one on my list since I’m really interested in it, but I don’t know which other Source game I should pick up with it, currently I have none.

My first choice is Team Fortress 2 + Garry’s Mod (I’ve played Half-Life 2 and portal at friends, so I don’t know what to do with those games if I’ll buy the Orange Box… >.>), but the problem is that I don’t know if it matters which game I buy.

Will it change anything if I’ll use it only with Team Fortress 2? Because I know you use Half-Life 2 weapons and enemies in there and so.

I’m really confused about how Source games benefit Garry’s Mod, could someone please explain?
I just want to be able to play with decent people since I don’t know any Steam friends (YET :o), and I’m just scared I’ll buy it with Team Fortress 2 and then I’ll find out I can’t find any servers to connect because I only have 1 game or something. :<

All the Half-Life 2 models comes with Garry’s mod.
I’d go for Team Fortress 2.

I would buy CSS, as it has the most models and stuff…

I would buy the Orange Box and the Source Multiplayer Pack.

And of course, Garry’s Mod.

Wait so if I’ll buy only Team Fortress 2 I’ll still be able to do all the stuff like the Gravity Gun and exploding barrels and so?

I’m not really of a fan of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat, so I don’t think it will be worth for me to buy that pack, so… should I buy Team Fortress 2 + Garry’s Mod or The Orange Box + Garry’s Mod?
Again I repeat, I played the Half-Life 2 series and Portal at my friends.

I still don’t fully understand if it will be better with more games. :o

That was my 1st combination:buddy:
I recommend this. You don’t have to play CS:S, but most gmod maps need CS:S material/models.

Yeah but it’s a lot of money… I’m not made of gold you know. ._.
I only got $40 from my parents.

Then OB and gmod should be best combination.

Even if I already played Half-Life 2 and Portal?:stuck_out_tongue:

And then get the Source Multiplayer Pack. I have CS:S, DoD:S and HL2:DM but nearly never play them, and only have them so that I have the models and materials, and so that certain mods work correctly.

Well I guess you should get OB 1st, because It has more games. Then when you got enough money buy Source Multiplayer Pack.