Source-level DDoS attack...

Is there any way to block a DDoS attack (Yes, ddos, not dos.) coming from spoofed IP addresses, all spamming A2S_SERVERQUERY_GETCHALLENGE packets? I’m using a host, it’s not dedicated from my computer, so basically anything answering this will be passed onto my host, so don’t ask me to do a trial/error type thing if you know of a possibility.

Looks like you pissed someone off

Source-level? What?

Doesn’t do shit against DDoS attacks, only realy blocks DoS atacks.

It was one of your minions.

which one
he has like 10 and they’re all retarded

Either way nothing will be done about it. I’m just wondering how to stop the DDoS attack and/or block the spoofed IP’s.

Looks like I won’t be needing to know how, unless for future reference, since I’m most likely just going to get a new IP since the current one that’s being attacked probably won’t be stopped any time soon.

Maybe you should stop banning people for sethhack


Maybe if you didn’t spend your time making sethhack you could make actual programs people would normally use, and pay for. Instead of taking less money from kids wanting to gain an advantage in a video game, you could gain more for putting your hard work on something people would use not just to be dicks with.

Don’t listen to this idiot, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Use or search for a similar module on sourcemod forums

Maybe if you didn’t ban them, they wouldn’t get mad at you and decide to take your servers down

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have a dumb

That seems to be the popular choice of attack. Good luck.


Those won’t help.

I got him to stop

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I think

God damn it. Why didn’t you do that an hour ago? :crying:

Already am getting a new IP. Can’t stop now.

This prevents A2C_PRINT attacks and some other very old and probably fixed attack, it does nothing for query attacks, DAF is worthless.

Having a couple hours of downtime and a new IP which loses all your players who joined through favorites would pretty much be the intention of the attack, nice job letting them win.

And yet somehow I don’t care.