Source Lighting Issues

Im working on a horror map “gm_fear” based heavily ON the game F.E.A.R. and i seem to have a major issue with the lighting falloff, it seems far too sudden even though i have all the falloff distances on 0 (default). does anyone have any idean on how i can fix this?

Here is a picture to show what i mean. You can quite clearly see where the lighting sharpy falls off on the bottom half of the picture.

Add bumpmaps to the texture. I believe that is what stopped my problem.

Its not because of bumpmaps, or cubemaps as i have tried bumpmapped texture, and built the cubemaps. And the glitch still appears. It is all over my map and makes the lighting look horrible

check compile settings.
(will post more when I get back from class)

All i can say then is you need to either raise the brightness and/or compile with -final.

Alternatively you can use env_projectedtexture but you are limited to having one drawn at a time. They do cast dynamic shadows. light also doesn’t bounce from them.

play with your falloff settings if it’s fading out too quick.
also, lower the brightness of that light a tad because it’s almost whiting out on the floor