Source Listen Servers Unjoinable

A while ago I forwarded ports and source games were fine, able to host without problems. After a few weeks it suddenly stopped working and no one is able to join, no idea why. It seems to be creating all games in a local server or something, even though sv_lan is 0

reinstalled gmod and other source games a couple of times, hasn’t fixed it. I’ve re-done ports a couple of times, currently have 1200, 27000-27015 and 27020-27039 forwarded, can’t remember where I got these from or if they’re even correct

how can I fix this so I can finally host games for friends again

even some sort of confirmation I have the right ports forwarded would be helpful

You only need 1 port port forwarded and allow the srcds.exe program to run threw firewall.

that’s for dedicated servers, I’m trying to host a listen server (as in clicking Create Multiplayer on the main menu)

Open port 27015 then!

That’s bull shit. You need 4380 and 27000-27050 UDP/TCP open.

To OP: Open those ports above when you are un-banned.

You’re an idiot, you only need 27015 open to play the others are steam master server ports, since 27015 is a default port in create multi-player you’re wrong.

Just open both ports
to your static ip
works for me
works for my friends
works for everyone
takes all of 5 minutes

I’m not going to to start a flame war but you HAVE to open those ports I mentioned. Don’t believe me? Look here:

Know what posting before you actually do it.

Funny you only need to open 1 port not 50 ports.

You’re going to deny the only port forwarding guide Facepunch uses? That’s smart.

done and done, still no luck.

I’m not sure about listen, but dedicated servers only require 27015 and 27016 (just to make sure. Sometimes even forcing onto 27015 ends up on 27016. Don’t ask why)
Only ports I have config’d is standard 80, 27010-27020 and 43594. 80 and 43594 are both closed.