Source Maps

Will there ever be an increase in the Source maximum maps size? I would love to have at least 2 times more room with maps.

Who knows, EP3 might bring that.

I hope, It would open up more opportunities to the community.

Didn’t some map shrink the info_player_starts to seemingly double map size?

Plus I doubt valve would increase the limit, there’s no reason for them to.

Well, unless Ep3 contains a map that needs to be a good couple of Kilometers long.

Valve would never need to do that, they’d find clever ways to split it up.

They can already give the look of it with 3D skyboxes, why bother?

to make it like oblivion fall out 3 and far cry 2

But they don’t need to.

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And, Oblivion fallout 3 and all the others DO load them on Runtime. They NEVER exist(Physics wise) fully loaded!

So that we can have bigger maps in GMod to fly planes around where it doesn’t take less then 30 seconds to go from one end of the map to the other.

Garry must decide first if he is going to use Ep3 engine.