Source mod for mapping?

Is it possible to make a new mod of hl2:ep2 just to have all the models/materials from every game? I want to do this so that I don’t overfill my HL2:EP2 folder and corrupt the game. I have already extracted all the stuff. including the .fgd’s.

If this isn’t possible then I need some help getting all materials/models into hammer for mapping.

I also don’t want to overfill my already bulging Garry’s mod folder, see as how all the models/materials are over 10GB.

geez… only thing I can think of is to make a new .fgd with all your custom content, then make a mod that loads the episode 2, counterstrike source, garrysmod and custom FGD’s.

Yes it is possible. Just start a new mod in the ep2 engine then port any stuff into the directories. l4d stuff managed to screw up a ton of models though when i did that- just you warn you.

What do you mean?

Now when you say

do you mean In a manner like Garry’s mod? or…

Several models such as the oildrum wouldn’t load.

Simply- set up a mod, then extract the models, sounds, textures from the gcf into the mod. Simple.

Oh okay.

Some people use the SDK base. Might as well use that.

What do you mean by the SDK base?

SDK base is used for people who do not have access to their games. It allows the sdk to connect to a library so you can work in a limited environment. As i understand it you need all your models and textures, so working in sdk base wouldn’t solve your problem.

Are there any mods out there that use the HL2:EP2 engine that I might be able to use instead of blindly making a new mod?

Its not hard to make a new mod. Open source sdk menu and click the Create a Mod button.

I did try it once and it wouldn’t launch… Probably because I had no idea how to edit anything in it.

.FGDs only contain entity data.

Yeah wouldn’t you need the .GCFs for the models and textures?