Source Mod + Modeling

Hi, i made a maya model for a weapon, i want to export this model into my mod, how can i do so and how can i make animations for it?

I think maya smd exporter is fucked so youll have to use 3ds max.

you got it

So i need to use 3ds max? can i animate in it as well for my weapons? then export them into my source mod?

Yes you can

What do you do to add it to the mod directory in the first place too?

To add what to the mod directory? 3ds max? Im afraid 3ds max is a professional and very expensive programs that is totally independent of source. After editing and animating in max you export it to smd, make a qc file for your model in which you set its properties, texture paths, etc and compile it with GUIStudioMDL (its part of source sdk). You need a qc file, a reference smd and at least one sequence smd (idle) if you are compiling for world model and multiple (reload, shoot, draw, idle) if you are compiling it for view model.

Fucks sakes, I did that shit a long time ago. I was asking: HOW DO I ADD MY COMPLETE WEAPON/MODEL WHATEVER TO MY MOD DIRECTORY!?!?!?!