Source Mod Title Letters Missing

Im sorry if i put this in the wrong place.

When i made my own sourcemod with “Make a Mod” I wanted to change the title in the gameinfo.txt It works but ingame only a couple of letters show up like this:
L e n ht s a
But there needs to be:
Late night soda
Can someone help me?

You need a to change the font. It’s a .ttf in resource.

That’s because the font used for HALF-LIFE titles doesn’t have all letters (Valve is lazy).
You have to use different font file, put it in the mod folder (resources or something), add to the list of used fonts. Sorry, I don’t remember all the steps to do this, but there are tutorials (there was on moddb).
U can use any font you want (there are copyright issues, but there are many free fonts on the internet).

You can just name it the same as the one you replace.

Edit: Don’t do this, the default font is used for the gui.

Thanks it worked! I used this tutorial:

Btw really fast reply’s on this forum.