Source Recoder problem: Video compression window MIA

I’ve got a bit of a problem with the source recorder. I’ve recently recorded several demo files and I want to record them to avi. Traditionally all I’ve ever done was type “startmovie moviename avi” into the console, a window would pop up and ask me for the compression, I’d chose one and then I’d get an avi file.

The problem I’ve been having recently is when I type in “startmovie moviename avi” the video compression window doesn’t come up. All that appears in the console is this:

 startmovie moviename avi
Started recording movie, frames will record after console is cleared...

When in game the audio still skips as if it was recording but when I end it and check the output folder there’s nothing there. The long method which spits out frames and an audio file still works but I never use it as it eats up about 4 GB a minute of video for me and I just don’t have the harddrive space or the heart to reduce the quality.

Strange thing is, I’m getting this problem across all my source games I’ve tried gmod, and left 4 dead 1 & 2 and they’ve all behaved the same way.

Oh and of course I’ve been running the game in window mode (not full screen).

startmovie moviename raw

then use VirtualDub and this ( ) to compress it efficiently without any loss of quality

Each frame output is at 2.7 Mb x 30 frames per second x 60 seconds a minute x the 25 minutes + I need to record… I’ve only got about 20 GB of free hard drive space. Is there a way to change the output directory to an external hard drive or something?

I mean is there no way to get my video compression window back?


I’ve since tested recording on another computer and the video compression window did come up - so i’m using that at untill I figure out what’s up with my laptop

I don’t think laptops are good for running GMod