Source Record Slow

Hi, yesterday I began experimenting with the Source movie recorder, using Video Dub to compress in Xvid. I read a post on these forums which was helpful, as well as information on other sites. I have it all figured out and it works perfectly. Except, when I play the AVI, the video goes really slowly. I’ve followed multiple lists of instructions exactly, but the movie is still slow, as in 5 frames a second slow. I’ve tried playing and recording at super low res in a window, but no such luck. My computer is really, really good, and brand new. I pieced it together a couple of days ago and it is running top of the line hardware. Additionally, the audio for my AVI works for the first six seconds or so, but then cuts out entirely. This is probably because when I choose audio compression, nothing shows up on the right hand box in video dub, so I can choose mpeg-3, but no bit rate. I would really appreciate some help with this issue as I’m excited to begin working with the machinima community on some video ideas. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to use any third party software, such as fraps?

I have tried using WeGame, which works amazingly, actually. But WeGame will not allow for removing of HUD and Weapons that I need, which Source Recorder provides using console commands. I’d rather not use Fraps because A. it costs money, and B. I’d rather not torrent it. Also, I’m not sure if Fraps allows removing of HUD and such either. Source Recorder is great except taht when I actually watch the video, it goes super slow, even though I set Host_Framerate_30.

I’m pretty sure there’s a command you can use to remove the HUD then you can just use Wegame or something…

hidehud 1
cl_showhud 0


Not a bad idea. I’ll try. But does anyone also have any ideas about Source Recorder going slowly?

It’s cl_drawhud 0 to take away the HUD.

When you say the video is playing really slowly, do you mean when you hit the play button in VDub, or after it’s been saved?
Did you select direct stream copy or full processing mode?
And did you set the frame-rate under the video options?

As for audio, which audio setting have you chosen? (Source audio; audio from other file)

It plays slowly post compression when playing the AVI in windows media player.
I’ve been using full processing mode.
Before recording, I typed in the console Host_Framerate_30.


Also, does anyone know the console command to make my weapon disappear.

If you’ve using XVid I believe it defaults itself to 10fps when saving as an AVI. Under video>framerate, it’ll be set to “No change”. Set it to “Change framerate to” and set that to 30.

r_drawviewmodel 0

Hey! That solved everything! Thanks you so much.

As stated. cl_drawhud 0 to empty hud.
cl_drawhud 1 to get info back.

Well, it seems that my weapon is gone. That isn’t surprising, really, since I told it to go away with r_drawviewmodel. But now, it won’t come back. Ive tried typing in sv_cheat 1 and r_drawviewmodel 1, in commentary mode also (not in a server where cheats are diabled), but they won’t work, my weapon is still gone. Any ideas?

Had the same problem. I reinstalled GMod. But I heard later typing kill in the console would help.
Did you try cl_drawhud 0 and cl_drawhud 1 in the console?

I did try cl_drawhud with various numbers. But nothing worked. Technically, its TF2 I’ve been fiddling with, and where my weapons won’t show. Do you think I have to reinstall TF2?

Shouldn’t this be in the video area?


You cant remove the hud now without the cheats being on while in TF2, I know valve is being a pain…

I don’t understand. I’m trying to bring back my weapons. They’re currently invisible because I had previously written in r_drawviewmodel 0.

turn it back to one then. And use sv_cheats to turn off the hud display.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but my weapon is still invisible. Typing r_drawviewmodel 1 also still accomplishes nothing.

try hide_hud 0