Source Recorder AVI method is broken! Or is it just me?

Ok, this is what happens:


startmovie \blablabla/ avi

^ Here ^ a drop-down menu SHOULD appear with codec etc but since the update it doesn’t work, so is there a new command for the menu or is it just shized up for everyone. (TGA method is fine, but - really - that method is fuxked up!)

Soooo… please respond, and no I have not been attached to a a floating sofa to disapate out in the atmosphere because I am a pirate cus i’m not!

Yeah I emailed Garry a couple of days ago, he said it was Valve’s TF2 replay thingy disabling it. It’s happening to me, too.

He said the same when I chatted to him on Facebook! (chatting with the creator of gmod! OOH im sooo lucky!) I also think valve is going to replace the AVI method with MOV, exact same process, but different encoding, so all thats left is to wait! or back to bludy anooyin TGA mefod!

How long? I’ve been wanting to render a Machinima from Garry’s Mod and I can’t do it without Source Recorder or Filmmaker!

Dont no how long… just use TGA method, the qualities’ a bit better, but its very fiddley!

It happens in Portal 2 too.