Source Recorder Failed Products

I tried making some videos during school time, that’s whenever I had free time, but I couldn’t get the final avi apparently.
So today I tried testing the source recorder to check what was my problem in it, appears there was no problem in it.
The only problem I had however, is that the videos when turned into .avi , they appears to have it’s size as 0 KB, and when I play them, nothing shows up (obviously for their size).
But weird enough, an old video just popped up, and it’s really neat and nice (it appears it is the one I made during school time).

Well, any ideas how to solve this mystery?
Edit: if there’s an old topic about it, please redirect me to that one, Thanks, and apologizes if I made some problems

maybe you didn’t complete the avi file by typing endmovie after you finish recording?

I did, and still I got 0 KB sized file, let me try again to ensure that I do complete the avi
EDIT: Nope, even with the command “endmovie” the files still get 0 KB

Are you using the same codec as you did for the one that works? Some codecs I try for SR give me those empty files.

I use DivX 6.9.2 Codec (4 logical C-something)
And yes, same codec
EDIT: After some troubleshooting , other codecs work okay, but the quality is seriously dead and pixel-like graphics.

Try UT Video Suite codec. reccomended by max. lossless quality with small video file.

Yeah, with UTVCS, you can get approximately one minute of recording at 1600*900 @ 50fps on the max compression mode

it’s worth it

Okay so I tested the UTVCS codecs, first and second codecs were a fail, then when I tried the "UT Video Codec YUV420 (UL-something), it was very very good, until the half of the video, it started lagging and the freezing for some reason which I have no idea what it is.
I guess I should tweak it a little bit, anyone thinks am going into the right direction?


Funnily weird, after ticking the “Same # as logical process” it worked out perfectly, except the movie ended pretty early.
Anyhow, I think my problem is solved,so big thanks to every single person who helped me with this
codec problem I had. I will post the video I made on facepunch after few days (since am busy with papercrafting these days), and show you what I harvested from Garry’s mod.
Thanks alot for the help guys! you all rock :cool: