Source Recorder has been broken

The update broke Source recorder for gmod. After typing “startmovie <name> avi” in the console, the codec selection menu doesn’t show up, which screws over the entire process.

You need to fix it Garry.

Bump and will keep bump it until they fix that, stupid fraps it sucks and i don’t need i already mastered SR

Have you tried miminizing the window and then putting it back to fullscreen? does that to me a lot, I just get used to it. (BTW, if you computer just keeps flicking into fullscreen and back to the desktop, hit Ctrl, Alt and delete then just go back to the desktop, and try going into the game screen agian)

Every problem that Garry’s Mod has isnt Garry’s Fault.

i never say its garry fault however if he read this he should spam those valve bitches to fix it


God damnit fuck, I go to use it and it’s broken

for all of you with the issue, you can use some dub program, I’ve forgotten the name. it’s like vlcdub or something, but it’ll basically compile a demo file outside of gmod.

hell fucking no mate garry just need to spam those valve bitches to fix it