Source Recorder Help/Question

I wasn’t sure what section to post this in…but is there anyway I’m able to change my camera position and still be able to see my player in a recorded demo?

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If you set up the cameras and change them while recording the demo it tends to work, but not after the demo’s already recorded and ready to change to a video; I think there’s a drive command but your player won’t be visible, just the weapon effects anyways. You may want to look into demo smoothing, though. In an old thread, there was mentioned something about SourceTV but I have no idea how that would even work.

Edit: Managed to dig up that old thread:

Another edit: This question may better belong in help and support, so keep that in mind next time.

Well this doesn’t look promising. Now I’m just wondering if the models are viewable in tf2 demos, why isn’t it possible in gmod, or any other source game.
I’m sure someone is going to have a good reason why.

According to the other thread, in the demos it records the actions of the !player, so the camera is attached to the player. I’m afraid I haven’t got a more technical explanation for you.