Source Recorder Help

I have followed the direction of several different “How to use Source Recorder” tutorials, but when I’m done, I always get the same result: a black screen with the sound from the video. Audio only, no video. This is quite annoying because I really want to use source recorder. Can anybody help?

Instead of being like others and rating you “Dumb” and dismissing you, I’d be happy to help. Mind explaining step by step what you did? (Or show me the exact tutorial you used?)

I set up my scene and typed “record test1” into console (without quotes).

I just shot at a wall a few times.

Then I went into console and typed “stop”.

Then I went into the console and typed:

“host_framerate 30” and

“startmovie testone h264”

then I typed “playdemo test1”

I watched as it was really laggy and had no sound, just like the tut says it would be. Then I typed:


Once I was done I went to the location where multiple tutorials said the file would be but it was not there. What was there was a different video file. It was a video with a black screen but it did have the audio from my movie. What’s teh problem?