Source Recorder not displaying installed codecs.

Right, I’m having a problem with the Source Recorder. I do everything as normal (set the game to Windowed, sv_cheats 1, host_framerate 30, cl_drawhud 0, yadda yadda), startmovie <name> avi, and when the little codec selection box pops up, the FFDshow codec that I have installed doesn’t work, it just doesn’t show up. The only two options I have are Uncompressed (which is, well, uncompressed) or Microsoft Video 1 (which completely and utterly sucks if you want to record anything over 60 seconds).

So I uninstalled the codec and re-installed it, getting the Basic K-Lite Codec Pack and installing it as normal. Nothing.
Rebooted. Nothing.
Removed the file “hl2.exe” from the blacklist of FFDshow (it was blacklisted?). Nothing.
Rebooted. Nothing.
Added “hl2.exe” to FFDshow’s whitelist. Nothing.
Rebooted. Nothing.
System Restored to a previous install. Nothing.

It’s driving me abso-fucking-lutely insane. Even more annoying, it works perfectly on Left 4 Dead! It’s an excellent codec, and I’m damn pissed that I can’t actually USE it. Any ideas?

What if you record it uncompressed then try using something like virtualdub to compress it with codecs

Well, there seems to be a glitch or something when I can only record 4GB videos with the Source Recorder at a time. And at uncompressed quality, that gets eaten up damn quick.

Bananas Utilize Modern Practicalities. Still no idea.

Pick a default codec.
Use another program (I use realplayer SP) to convert it into another format.

That’s what I’m doing at the moment. But my problem is that for longer movies (e.g. L4D maps or TF2 online videos) that the default codec is uncompressed, and for some reason only records movies up to 4GB (over 4GB and, to coin a phrase, shit gets fucked up). I kinda need a compressed codec so I can record 10 minutes of video in one go.

Xvid works, i know that.

Do you have windows 7? becouse i do. it’s not working for me either, don’t know why, it only show for me is the option Uncompressed, i installed xvid.

You’re gonna laugh :P. Nope, I have Windows XP. Hey, if it ain’t broke…

I’m with Tamiyaguy.
Btw, how do I speed up recording playback?

Well, if you want optimum quality, there’s no way (unless you mean, like, a 2x fast-mo, in which case Windows Movie Maker can do that). Ya can try host_framerate 24 instead of 30, that’ll make the recording a bit faster.

If I wanted full quality, how would I show anyone? It would be waay too big.

Have you tried simply using another recording format? The JPEG and WAV method works pretty well if you have a program to compile all the frames for you.

Actually, I haven’t. Although I’m afraid I don’t have something to compile the frames.

If push comes to shove, though, I might download VirtualDub, that seems to get some pretty nice reviews. Thanks!

Well, I have the same problem, but I have only one option the uncompressed one.
Well it was an exelent quality but, it takes 126 mb for just 2 seconds.
I have Win 7 BTW.

Hmm, well at least it’s not just me who’s having this problem. I just can’t think about what might be causing it, all my other video applications accept that FFDshow is installed, just not TF2 or Gmod, maybe even L4D, I’m not too sure.

Well, if find what is the problem pm me,

Hey everyone I am also having this problem, just want to share my problem. I wanted to try out the source recorder today so I downloaded ffdshow opened up my source game and it showed up in the codec list. It worked great for recording some videos I made. So a while after this I decided to try it out again and it wasn’t in the codec list. I tried to uninstall, restart then install ffdshow again. That did not help, it would no longer show up in the list. The only way I can get it to come back is to do a system restore to a time before I installed the codec. Install ffdshow, open my game and it will be back. If I close the game and open it back up, it will disappear. So the only way I can use the codec is if I do a system restore every time I want to use it. I cant figure out why it wont stay in the list. I have windows 7 pro x64. Sorry for the wall of text.