Source recorder probem?

I know I might sound like a noob, but when I record a demo, disconnect, set the framerate to 30, and type “startmovie blank avi” the codec window doesn’t pop up. When I then type “playdemo blank” it renders the demo, but exports no avi! I have the XVid codec installed, I even tried reinstalling it, but it still doesn’t work. Any help would be appriciated. :frowning:

Does it ask you to choose a program to export it with? (mine did something weird like that on a TF2 vid)

startmovie blank avi
before playdemo.

I did.

Have you tried ‘endmovie’ after the rendering(s)?

Start playing the demo before typing startmovie.

You need to run the game in windowed mode for the codec selector to show up.

Of course.


I’ll try that.


And that.

Yea if you want to avoid “purple/black squares” (missing textures) after alt+tab, I suggest you to run it in windowed and in what res you want (16:9 will crash your source engine, well atleast for me.).



Thanks guys.