Source Recorder questions.

I use the built in Source Recorder for all of my Source machinima. I love the tool, it is a fantastic and very useful feature. I also use SR because my computer cannot handle in-game Fraps recording and so forth…

(specs: AMD 64 single core 2.2 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT w/256 mb dediram
1.25 GB. System RAM.)

I have only one problem with it:
I cannot use the GMod Camera STool with it.
When I record my demo viewing from a camera, it records fine.
But when I go to make the .avi, the camera resets to the player’s First Person camera.
This basically makes the most common method of ragdoll posing and animation (manipulation with the physgun while a camera is pointed at it) impossible for me. This drastically reduces the quality of my machinimas.

I was wondering if there is any way to fix this at all. I would truly appreciate it if anyone here could enlighten me on a solution.

The problem is that source recorder dosent record lua stuff. So i could record a movie in sandbox and play it in fretta really. Its kinda not working with lua that the cameras is programmed in. Try skipping the demo part and just record. But that would be a little laggy

So, instead of recording a demo just type in “startmovie moviename avi” while I play it?
So, I can do that, but would the final product be laggy also?