Source recorder recording problems

So I’ve used source recorder before to film stuff in gmod since any other recording program gets 0.1-10 FPS. Source recorder has never worked perfectly for me, but recently it’s been pretty much unusable recently. I’m not going to give every non-critical problem with it, but here are a few of the major ones;

-When recording with the MPEG-4 codec in 720p, gmod crashes.
-When recording in 720p windowed resoultion, NPC models seem to be frozen, but they still run serverside.
-When doing any kind of recording at all, about every 3rd frame is a “backstep”, meaning it seems to jump to the previous frame’s position, causing a weird, laggy appearance.
-Every codec to record in besides Uncompressed and MPEG-4 seems to have bad quality color, like 5 bit or something.

I’ve included a short test video to show you what I mean by my 3rd listed point. Notice how I can look around smoothly but my position is chunky. The same thing happens in single player, and the only way to get around this problem (as far as I know,) is to use a very high frame rate when recording the demo (like 100). So please, anyone who has had this problem, tell me how to fix it!

I own a copy of gmod; I’m not a pirate!