Source recorder won't save video file.

I’m trying to get source recorder to work, and I know how to record the stuff I’m trying to, but I can’t get it to save any video files. It just tells me I don’t have quicktime, and I do have quicktime. And nothing else works. h264 doesn’t work. The only other way it’ll save a video is in about a million TGA image files.

I don’t want to use fraps to record things, It crashes the frame rate to a point it’s worthless watching.

it dosent save video, it saves .dem files that you can play useing the console

Yes, I know what a dem file is. I said it won’t save video files. Won’t realize I have quicktime even though I do, and nothing else works. As I said. The best I’ve gotten is for it to export about a million TGA image files.

Did you try entering “startmovie [videoname] avi” in the console?

Many times.