Source refuses to "find" my custom sound file (Ambient_Generic).

So I’ve got an ambient_generic set up to play a .wav file (a song) when the game starts, and in Hammer, I have it all set up and legit. If I press “play” in the browser window, where I have my directory entered, it plays the sound file/song just fine, but when I compile and try to play, I’m met with:
Failed to load <sound name>, file probably missing from disk/repository

I’ve tried putting this file in the same directory in every place imaginable, and I’ve even baked it right into the fucking bsp with pakrat, but it simply refuses to play. Can someone help me out?

You sure you placed it in your /sound/ folder and dont have anything else specified before the sound name?

Did you try exiting the SDK and hammer, then moving the song into the directory:
<actual game(half-life two:episode two)>/<game(ep2)>/sound/<file goes here>

close hammer and sdk first though, (i dunno, sounds like it’d work.)

Yes to both of those. The directory is correct, even Hammer can find and play the sound.

Do you have the sample rate at 44100?


For the sound.

I have no idea. Is that relevant?

Probably. What program are you using for the sound?

It’s a converted WAV file (previously MP3), I just used audacity to import and export it.

Open the sound up in audacity and look at the bottom left of the window. Should say project rate: xxxxx

Sample rate is 44100.

No one is equipped to help me?

I assume you’re mapping for Garry’s Mod? Then I would think this is the problem:

You have the sound file in your Episode 2 folder, and hammer can find it since presumably you’re using the Episode 2 configuration to map in the SDK. All you have to do is copy the sound file from Episode 2 to the same folder (sound) in the Garry’s Mod folder.

If that doesn’t work I really have no idea since you already checked the sample rate.

I fixed it by naming the file the same name as the map and putting it directly in the sound/ directory.